You may know that I’m taking a part in polish competition called Get noticed! (read more here about it). It passed over than 2 months since I wrote my first blogpost.

Time flies so fast.

But I’m very happy and proud from myself. 😊 I’ve already achieved my personal goal - to write 20 blogposts (mainly about JustinDB). 💖


I don’t know why but I love competitions. Recently I found a new possibility to move on with JustinDB to make it even more recognizable.

I’m going to take a part in so called “Konkurs z chmurą” (ang. “Contest with cloud”) which is organized by team from Chmurowisko and e24cloud (cloud provider). Subject of topic is very broad.

STEP 1. Build “something” in e24cloud

It can be anything even like installing Wordpress site on virtual machine there or some hybrid solution using e24cloud + AWS at the same time.

My plan minimum is simple - Initializing Multiple Data Center Clusters on JustinDB. I will use e24cloud + AWS/Scaleway public cloud providers.

If everything will spin up correctly I will additionaly try to cover different data replication scenarios. I will also try to see how network failures affect on database stability (cluster forming), data consistency and behavior in case of Split Brain happening.

STEP 2. Show it to the world

Easly understandable. Just write about your whole “journey” on blog or record the video.

STEP 3. Win

Yeah! 👊