How to talk to JustinDB

JustinDB its a key/value store - you associate valeus with keys, and retrieve whem using the same keys. This means that basic commands are setting and getting values.

As I wrote in “JustinDB - Modern REACTIVE NoSQL database” one possibility to talk with JustinDB is HTTP protocol. The actions are currently related to HTTP methods (GET, PUT).


Its very simple form of read, responding with only the value.

GET /get?id={UUID}&r={r}

r is the number of nodes read from before returning


The simplest write command in Riak is putting a value.

PUT /put body: { w: Int, value: Array[Byte], vectorClock: Base64 }

w is the number of nodes written to before considered successful. vectorClock is the mechanism for partial ordering of values in JustinDB. You can read more about this mechanism here.

Cheers! ✌️