It passed more than one month since I wrote my first blogpost during “Get noticed” competition. I’ve decided to write quick recap for myself and others to hear what I’ve achieved during this time.

Lets start! 💪

JustinDB database is getting more and more popular. It’s open sourced project so everyone can see how exactly it’s build and looks like (its hosted on GitHub).

As of today, JustinDB has:

  • 9 watchers
  • 35 stars (my goal is to have at least 100!)
  • 5 forks

I like these stats and they mean a lot of to me!

Most of the time I share with new blogposts via LinkedIn platform on dedicated Scala enthusiasts group. I think that I should start considering such services as Twitter and Reddit to get more attention.

Whats more, JustinDB project crossed 800 commits! 👍 Its code coverage get more than 80% (now its around 86%). Thats relatively very good result. Current tests only help me to make this project better and doesn’t slow down the whole development process.

In the next couple of months I’m going to focus more on PHYSICAL MODEL - how exactly to store data indefinitely, what algorithms and data structures to use, how to exploit parallel architecture, talk effectively to disk and be CPU cache friendly at the same time (and so on and on).

Last but not least, even this blog has getting more attention! 💕 Big surprise to me!

Whole this time was very productive for me but you can’t simply forget that working on the project and trying to write at least 2 posts every week is not that easy at first glance as you might think of.

I’ve very happy! Cheers! ✌️